ICMM Club:
I Can Manage Myself

Student must follow all the rules for 7 days straight to become a member.

Student must continue to follow all rules and receive no more than 2 strikes within the week.

If student's membership is lost, the student can renew his/her membership by following all the rules for 7 days without getting documented.


1. Demonstrate self-control.
Get along well with others.
Listen and follow directions.
Make wise use of time.
Display acceptable manners.

Members have many privileges. They may:

  • be helpers and run errands.
  • participate in Falcon News Network.
  • use word processors and computers.
  • use video camera.
  • play with extra activities and/or games.
  • participate in special parties.
  • participate in PAT (Preferred Activity Time).
  • receive free time.
  • receive verbal praise.
  • purchase ice cream and drinks on special days.
  • get other special privileges as determined by the students and teacher.


For every three violations of rules in a given week, the student will write an essay explaining what he/she did, why he/she shouldn't be doing that, and how he/she plans to improve his/her behavior.

Upon getting the first out (3 violations, strikes, or documentations) in a given week, the student loses his/her membership in the ICMM Club and has a conference with the teacher.

Upon getting the second out in that week, the guardian of the student will be notified through a phone call or note.

The third out in that week, the student will be referred to the counselor.

For fighting or severe disruption, the student loses his ICMM membership and is referred to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Continuation of outs will result in a change in the consequences for that particular student.

Notes Home:
Various notes will be sent home, and some notes will require a parent or guardian's signature and must be returned in a timely manner. Each Tuesday, a red folder will be sent home with papers for parents to view. Parents are asked to sign the progress report and return these papers in the red folder on Wednesday. Parents may keep any notices of events.
Homework Policy:
Homework is important, because it reinforces what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, extends and generalizes concepts, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits. Many times, homework may be classwork that has not been completed in class.

Learning Attitude:
I expect all students to have an enthusiastic attitude toward learning and be on their best behavior, so we can have a learning environment in which we can achieve many great things.