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Learning Attitude
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Learning Attitude:
I expect all students to have an enthusiastic attitude toward learning and be on their best behavior so we can achieve many great things.  Together we can be successful.  See the Recipe for Successful Learning.

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Students who follow the class rules earn membership into an elite club called the ICMM Club.  ICMM stands for I Can Manage Myself.  Members will receive a membership card and special privileges.

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ICMM Requirements:

  • Student must follow all the rules to not earn any strikes for a whole week to become a member.

  • Once a member, the student must continue to follow all the rules and not get an out (3 strikes) for any given week.

  • If membership is lost, one week of no strikes can renew membership.  (All consequences of broken rules must be completed first.)

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Privileges of ICMM members:

  • being a helper and running errands,
  • using the computers,
  • playing with games,
  • participating in special parties,
  • receiving free time
  • participating in a special activity (PAT-Preferred Activity Time), and
  • earning other special privileges as determined by students and teacher.

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Rules: Application:
1. Listen and follow directions. Follow class procedures for entering the classroom, for classroom activities, and for walking in lines.  Follow the directions of all supervising adults.  Follow the Keys to Success.


2. Get along well with others. Respect the rights and property of others.  Do not argue, aggravate, hit, or harass other people.  


3. Demonstrate self-control. Adjust voice level to the activity.  Avoid excessive talking or talking too loudly.


4. Make wise use of time. Be prepared for class.  Make transitions quickly.  Stay on task.  Complete all assignments, including homework


5. Display acceptable manners. Show respect and use good manners.  Remember to say:  thank you, I'm sorry, please, and yes or no, sir or m'am.

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Consequences for breaking the rules:
  • Each violation or strike will require completion of a discipline form explaining what he/she was doing wrong, what he/she should have been doing, and how he/she plans to improve.  Also, he/she must write the broken key for success.
  • 1st out (3 strikes) during any given week- loss of ICMM membership and student conference.
  • 2nd out (6 strikes) during any given week- plus phone call or note to parent or guardian.
  • 3rd out (9 strikes) during any given week- plus detention, guidance counselor referral, or office referral.
  • Fighting or severe disruption- loss of ICMM membership, removal from class, and office referral.
  • Continuation of outs will result in a change in the consequences for that particular student.

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Notes sent home:
Various notes will be sent home  Some notes will require a parent or guardian's signature and must be returned in a timely manner.  Detention, phone call, guidance counselor referral, or office referral may be necessary if the note is not returned when requested. 

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