Digital Citizenship

  • Remote learning will likely mean more screen time for students; with additional screen time comes an increased concern for online safety. At school, filters help prevent students from inappropriate sites. Even the best filter, however, is no match for your child's good online behavior. Parents, please use the resources on this page and discuss good digital citizenship with your student.

    Seven Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online:

    1. Have frequent and open conversations about what your child is doing and viewing online.
    2. Discuss the dangers of talking to strangers and revealing personal information such as home address and passwords.
    3. Discuss the importance of speaking kindly to teachers and peers in online platforms such as Google Classroom and Hangouts.
    4. Keep WiFi-enabled devices in a common area of your home.
    5. Know your child's Internet passwords.
    6. Check your children's browsing history.
    7. Set rules...and stick to them.


Resources for Parents