Process for Getting a Bus License

    1. Complete online application for bus driver position.
      1. Log onto
      2. Click on the Create New Account button below the screen.
      3. Once you create a user name and password, log in to complete application.
      4. Be sure to check the box for Bus Driver.
      5. Be sure to include valid email addresses for people you list in references.
      6. A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required.  No exceptions!
    2. Get a background check done in either Auburn or Columbus.  You must first register online at  Then go to one of the two options listed below:
      1. Pak Mail, 300 North Dean Road #5, Auburn
      2. Abundle of Care, 1123 Brown Avenue, Columbus
    3. Obtain a copy of your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) from Driver License Center in Opelika (Alabama Residents).  Bring us this document so that we can confirm you meet our insurability requirements and make a copy of it.  
      1. Estimated costs for Alabama residents associated with obtaining a Bus Certificate total $237.90 and can be broken down as follows:
        • MVR $9.00
        • DOT Physical $60.00
        • Background Check $51.40
        • Testing Fee $25.00
        • Learners' Permit $36.25
        • CDL License $56.25
      2. Locations
        • Phenix City Schools Transportation Center is located is 809 12th Street in Phenix City, Alabama
        • The Drivers' License Center in Opelika is located at 1220 Fox Run Avenue #102 in Opelika.  Their phone number is (334) 742-9986
    4. Take a D.O.T. physical and successfully pass it.
    5. We will give you a booklet to study for the written part of the CDL test.  You may stop by the bus barn with your MVR and request a study booklet.
    6. Take the written test in Opelika, Alabama (Alabama residents) at the Drivers' License center.  Georgia residents must take the test at a GA Center.
    7. If you pass the written test, they will give you a third party test form to return to Phenix City Schools.  We will train you for the pre-trip and road trip.
    8. Attend New Driver School (4 days, including road test for CDL) and successfully pass the road test.
    9. Start your new career driving school buses! 

    NOTE: Fees are NOT charged by the Phenix City Schools. They are charged by the State of Alabama, Background Check Provider and the medical provider for your physical.