• Mission Statement

    The mission of South Girard School is to assist students in developing their full potential and to prepare them for continuing their education in high school. We will accomplish this by providing an environment that is safe and supportive, a professional and competent faculty who fosters student achievement and quality instruction that emphasizes expanding basic skills, use of current technology and the development of personal responsibility.

  • Focus

    The primary focus of SGS is to set a foundation for high school success, increase academic achievement, improve attendance, create a rewarding overall experience and increase self-esteem through a sense of accomplishment. You should take pride in being a part of South Girard Family and its rich history. The success of SGS is largely dependent upon you and your dedication.

  • Beliefs

    1. Learning Environment - The learning environment should be clean, safe, well-maintained, nurturing, stimulating, challenging and conducive to teaching, working, and learning.
    2. Personnel - All personnel will be competent, dedicated, highly motivated and will be provided with adequate resources and professional development necessary to meet both student and individual professional needs.
    3. Academic Success - Academic success for each student is the result of a rigorous curriculum, access to technology, prepared and dedicated staff, involved families and engaged students.
    4. High Expectations - High expectations are held for all students and staff.
    5. Responsibility - Responsibility for learning is a shared partnership among schools, students, families and the community.
    6. Respect - Respect of self and others by staff and students is vital to the learning environment as well as through life.
    7. Character and Integrity - Character, integrity, and service to others are an integral part of the general curriculum.
    8. Student Diversity - Student diversity and uniqueness will be valued in order to best meet individual needs.
    9. Student Empowerment - Every student will graduate and be prepared to enter the work force or pursue further education, always striving for continuous knowledge and improvement.