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Congrats on a great year students!


It is hard to believe how quickly the school year has passed and come to an end. I would like to thank you for your faith, trust, and commitment to the mission of Phenix City Elementary School: Soaring Beyond Expectations.   We appreciate your involvement here at PCES and we will continue to put your child first in everything we do! This was a very busy year and you, as partners in education, played a great role in making it a success!

Although it is a hectic time of year, it is the time when I most realize how blessed we all are to be part of the PCES Family. Parents and teachers commit their time and energy every day toward creating a nurturing environment in which children can thrive! We wish our fifth grade students all the best as they journey on to PCIS. Fifth grade graduation is a time for celebration and reflection on your child's education  and the impact it has made on each student, and parents proudly see their child as a PCES graduate:

  • An effective communicator
  • A reflective and creative thinker
  • A self- directed, responsible, life-long learner
  • A collaborative contributor to society who finds meaning, dignity and vocation in work
  • A caring family member
  • A responsible citizen

In closing, I take this opportunity to congratulate all students of Phenix City Elementary! I wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable summer. Please be sure to take time as a family to talk, play, and pray together. I look forward to seeing you all in August. Those families who are not returning to our school will continue to be in our prayers as you make your journey on to new places.



Sylvia Averett