• Parent FAQs
    What is the school's truancy policy?

    Students in Alabama (6 years and older) are required by law to attend school. Students will receive a warning letter at 3 absences. Once students reach 5 absences, a truancy conference will be required. At that time, a meeting with the guardians will be scheduled by our administrators. At 7 absences, guardians will be required to attend the Early Warning Truancy Program.

    My child is demonstrating academic weaknesses. How is WES addressing this?

    WES has several initiatives meant to respond to students' academic weaknesses. Each student participates in some form of small group instruction. When students do not respond to the teacher's whole or small group instruction, they can be recommended for extra support through the SST (student support team) process. This team of educators looks at the students' weaknesses and provides recommendations for support. We also have 2 interventionists on staff to help provide outside help for students displaying academic weaknesses. If you have any questions, contact the school's SST chair at jwiley@pcboe.net.  You may also call 334-298-4507.

    Who handles bus discipline at WES?

    If you have questions about a bus referral your student received, you may contact hweston@pcboe.net, or  334-298-4507.

    Can my student take medicine at school?

    Our school nurse must have a doctor's order to give medicine at school. Students' medicines are kept in the front office, and students are not allowed to keep medicine in their possession at school. We do not provide pain medication to students. If students have a headache, the guardian on the student's record may come to the school to give them medicine.

    Can students have cell phones at school?

    School procedures restrict cell phone usage at school. While we understand students often own cell phones, they should not be visible at school. If seen at school, administrators may confiscate the device and request a parent to pick it up. Please see the student handbook for specific electronic device information, including step-by-step consequences for unauthorized electronic devices.

    How often do students get counseling?

    Students receive whole group counseling weekly, small group counseling, and individual counseling as needed.

    How often do students visit the library?

    Students have library class every other week but can go to the library individually as needed.

    How do I contact my student's teacher?

    You may email the teacher by clicking on the Faculty and Staff page under the About Us section of our website. You may also call and leave a message at 334-298-4507.

    How do I contact the principal?

    Please contact our secretary to schedule an appointment or leave a message for the principal (334-298-4507). You may also email the principal at hweston@pcboe.net.

    What is the latest time I can check out a student?

     WES does not open doors after 2:00 PM to ensure each student gets home safely. If you wish to check your student out, please check him/her out before 2:00 PM.

    How do I report bullying?

    WES suggests several ways to report bullying. A student or adult should never wait to report bullying. Please report it immediately. You may report bullying the following ways:

    1) Contact your student's teacher by email, phone, or in person

    2) Contact your student's counselor by email, phone, or in person

    3) Contact the administrators by email, phone, or in person

    4) Fill out a bullying form in the front office or on our school website

    5) Report bullying to any school employee.

    We take bullying seriously at WES and will work hard to address your concerns.

    I have bus questions. Who should I call?

    Bus questions are best answered by our transportation department at 334-298-2823. If you wish to change a student's transportation, we do not take transportation changes by phone. Please provide a written note explaining the change to the classroom teacher or visit the school office.

    What time does school end?

    School dismisses each day at 3:00 PM.

    What time does school start?

    Our doors open each morning at 7:30 AM, but school starts promptly each day at 8:00 AM. Students arriving at school after 8:00 AM should report to the front office with an adult to check-in. Students will not be permitted to be dropped off before 7:30 AM.