• Jamari Terrell Williams Student Bullying Prevention Act #2018-472

    It is required by ACT #2018-472 that this form be submitted by the affected student or the parent or guardian of the affected student and not by an education employee on behalf of an affected student or his or her parent or guardian. The affected student, or the parent or guardian of the affected student, must submit this form to the school’s Principal or his/her designee in person or by United States postal mail. The principal/designee is responsible for the investigation. Incomplete forms will not be considered for investigation.

    Anonymous reports will not be the basis for imposing disciplinary action against a student. Reprisal or retaliation against any person who reports an act of intimidation, violence, threat of violence, or bullying, is prohibited, and appropriate remedial action will be taken against a person who engages in such reprisal or retaliation.

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