• Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at South Girard School where we are “Super Great and Getting Better Every Day! I am absolutely thrilled to begin this new academic journey with each and every one of you. Our team has been eagerly preparing to provide an exceptional and enriching educational experience for all our students.

    At South Girard School, we hold a steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe, positive, and academically excellent environment for our students. As we embark on this new school year, I want to emphasize the core principles that will guide us throughout the year.

    Safety First: The safety and well-being of our students remain our top priority. We have taken comprehensive measures to create a secure and nurturing atmosphere where students can thrive. From enhanced security protocols to regular health and safety assessments, we are dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive environment that fosters growth and learning.

    Cultivating Positivity: A positive school environment is essential for fostering healthy relationships, strong character, and overall well-being. Our dedicated staff members are committed to promoting positivity, respect, and inclusivity in every aspect of school life. We encourage open communication, collaboration, and the celebration of each student's unique talents and achievements.

    Commitment to Academic Excellence: Academic excellence is the cornerstone of South Girard School. Our talented and dedicated educators are focused on delivering a rigorous and engaging curriculum that challenges students to think critically, explore creatively, and reach their full potential. We will provide the resources, support, and opportunities necessary for every student to excel academically.

    Throughout the year, you can expect a variety of enriching extracurricular activities, engaging events, and opportunities for personal and academic growth. We will work closely with parents and guardians to ensure that your child's educational journey is fulfilling and rewarding.

    Thank you for entrusting South Girard School with your child's education. Let us work together to create an inspiring and transformative school year that will leave a lasting positive impact on each student's life.

    Here's to a year filled with excitement, discovery, and achievement!

    -Principal Allen Rose Ed.S

Allen Rose, Principal

Principal Allen Rose