• Class Description:

    • In the Sherwood Elementary Smart Lab students will have the opportunity to used advanced software and materials that highlight the skills needed to be a successful 21st Century learner. An important objective in the Smart Lab is that learning is student centered, thus allowing students to take ownership of their learning. In this class students will have the ability to collaborate with others, problem solve, think critically, develop their creativity, and enhance communication skills. During their time and based on appropriate level of learning students learn project and time management skills that will assist them in becoming college and career ready. We want each student to come to class excited and willing to learn these skills. Are you up for the challenge??

    Class Schedule:

    • Students will come as a class to the Smart Lab for 5 consecutive days.
    • Each class period will last 30 minutes.
    • Because of brief class time, it is very important that all students arrive on time and ready to work.