• General Requirements

    Before you graduate from high school, you must have a total of 55 community service hours. A guideline for obtaining the hours is 10 your freshman year, 15 your sophomore year, 20 your junior year, and 10 your senior year.

    If you are a member or become a member of a service organization at CHS, you can use the hours you obtain from participating in service projects with that organization to complete your required hours, but in order for those hours to count, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain a copy to turn in to the counselor for documentation.  The counselor WILL NOT go to teachers and sponsors asking for student hours.

    Hours may be done and turned in, in advance.  For example, all 55 hours may be completed in one school year if a student chooses to do so, or a student may choose to do some extra hours any year to get ahead so that he/she has completed all hours before the senior year.

Community Service Packet

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