• Phenix City Schools students are required to complete a minimum of 55 unpaid community service hours before graduation. It is recommended that a student obtain 10 hours during their freshman year, 15 during their sophomore year, 20 during their junior year, and 10 during their senior year, although hours may be completed early or later than suggested. Due to waiving hourly requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic (2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years), the requirements listed below reflect the number of hours each graduating class should earn.


    • Graduating Class of 2024 = 45 hours of required community service

    • Graduating Class of 2025 = 55 hours of required community service

    All necessary forms and information needed, including suggested organizations where your student may volunteer, are contained within the Community Service Packet. This packet can be obtained from the Guidance section of the school’s website. Official documentation of hours worked on service projects, with signatures from persons responsible for monitoring the community service work, shall be documented on the “Individual Service Supervisor’s Comments Form”  and submitted to the designated counselor for credit to be awarded. This is the student’s responsibility.