• PCIS SOAR Academy

    Phenix City Intermediate School
    June 6 - June 30, 2022 (Monday-Thursday)
    7:45 AM - 12:15 PM

    Ms. Uconda McCants, umccants@pcboe.net, 6th Grade SOAR Academy Administrator
    Mrs. Lawanda Betties, lbetties@pcboe.net, 7th Grade SOAR Administrator

    • SOAR Academy RSVP - Please reserve your student’s spot no later than Friday, May 6th.

    Transportation for your student will be provided (if needed).  Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day as well. 

    Students must attend at least 90% of the SOAR Academy, and achieve a 60% average or higher in their remedial course(s) in order to successfully complete the SOAR Academy program for promotion. There is no difference in excused or unexcused absences, check-ins, or check-outs for the SOAR Academy program.