Welcome to PCIS Counseling!

  • We are very excited about the ​2021-2022 school year! Let us know what we can do to help make this year a good year for you and your student!  

    What can you expect from your PCIS guidance counselors?

    • Individual Counseling, Classroom Guidance Lessons, Large group counseling, and small group counseling
    • Recognition for your achievements
    • Someone who will listen
    • Availability to answer your questions
    • A contact for scheduling parent/teacher conferences

    So what's going on in the PCIS Guidance Department this year?

    Study Skills, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Drug Awareness, Making Healthy Choices, Red Ribbon Week, Career Awareness, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Bullying/Harassment, Self-Esteem, Grade Transition, Character Education, and much more!

Dr. Angie Anderson

Dr. Angie Anderson

Dekoslyn Robinson

DeKoslyn Robinson