• For the United States to remain a world leader in the healthcare industry, students need to understand how biotechnology practices, procedures, and philosophies have evolved into current advanced technology and integrated delivery systems. Students also need to understand how this evolution has had an impact on current biotechnology practices. It is crucial that students prepare for careers in health science to meet the increasing and changing demands of various populations and of the rapidly developing biomedical industry. Students in the HealthCare Academy program must achieve academic goals and meet the expectations of business and industry.

    Central High School's HealthCare Academy integrates academics and technology and includes a variety of course selections with materials relevant to the twenty-first century. The HealthCare Academy program emphasizes the importance of project, service, and work-based earning experiences. Development of leadership skills is enhanced through student participation in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). Optional learning opportunities include virtual classrooms and a virtual library. The rigorous and challenging content of the HealthCare Academy lends itself to a variety of instructional strategies including contextual applications, multimedia, and cooperative learning, HealthCare Academy curriculum is competency-based, utilizing learner-centered instruction that provides opportunities for students to learn skills necessary for a career path in Health Science.