Curriculum & Instruction

  • The mission of the Phenix City School System is to ensure that each student develops into a responsible and productive citizen who is prepared for the challenges of the future. Our administrators, teachers, and support staff work vigorously each day to ensure that we are providing our students and your children with the best instructional tools and resources to meet their diverse needs. As our vision implies, we are pursuing excellence on behalf of every student in every school. This means that we will treat each student as an individual while providing excellent instructional service and support tailored to each individual. 

    The Phenix City School system proudly serves pre-kindergarten students. The Early Learning Center (ELC) is our premiere pre-kindergarten school that offers an Alabama First Class curriculum funded by the state department. The ELC has 8 full classes taught by 8 certified and highly qualified teachers.  We also have 2 more pre-kindergarten classes at Ridgecrest Elementary and Sherwood Elementary. The two pre-K classes at Ridgecrest Elementary and Sherwood Elementary are Title I-funded programs and serve students based on various criteria.  Due to budget limitations, we do not provide transportation for our pre-kindergarten students. 

    We have 7 elementary schools here in Phenix City.  Lakewood Primary School serves pre-K-2nd students only, while Lakewood Elementary serves 3rd-5th grade students.  Both schools are science magnet schools.  We also have 5 more elementary schools that serve K-5 students:  Meadowlane Elementary, Ridgecrest Elementary, Phenix City Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, and Westview Elementary.  Our students at all of our elementary schools receive top-notch educational experiences.  Our teachers teach the CCRS standards on a daily basis and expose our students to rigorous instruction.  At each of our elementary schools, students in need of more personalized attention are targeted, and plans are immediately put in place to meet their needs via Problem Solving Teams. All teachers have been well-trained to implement student engagement strategies to make learning exciting while holding students to high standards at the same time. 

    Each elementary school funnels into Phenix City Intermediate School (PCIS) for grades six and seven. PCIS is one of our largest schools in the district, which provides even more opportunities for inquiry, innovation, and impact (i3) through the 1:1 Initiative utilizing Chromebooks for each student, as well as a state-of-the-art STEM facility that emphasizes hands-on, inquiry-based learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This future-ready learning continues into the eighth grade at South Girard School (SGS) with continued STEM coursework and targeted instruction and individual planning for successful high school navigation toward college and career readiness.

    The Central Freshman Academy (CFA), built in 2009, serves all first-time freshmen students. It was designed to ease the transition from middle school to high school, offering learning experiences and activities all housed within the school or the flexibility to begin engaging in some coursework and extracurricular activities at Central High School (CHS). The two schools share a campus and are connected via a covered bridge. Each freshman student has the opportunity to take four core courses, physical education, and multiple elective courses within all areas from business to fine arts. 

    Central High School serves all tenth through twelfth-grade students with a variety of core coursework, as well as foreign language, fine arts, and career and technical electives that lend well to a student's post-secondary aspirations. Students have numerous extracurricular opportunities, such as the Art Club, the Robotics team, Beta Club, the Thespian Society, and a plethora of other student organizations.  CHS prides itself on a competitive graduation rate and ever-increasing career readiness indicators (CRIs) for its students, such as career technical credentials in every concentration, dual enrollment college credits earned in all areas of study, and benchmarks on ACT and WorkKeys, all exemplifying graduate college and career readiness. 

Social-Emotional Learning Program

  • Phenix City Schools is committed to pursuing excellence on behalf of every student in every school. This includes caring for the whole child. In order for students to be academically successful, other needs must also be met. Social-emotional learning (SEL) plays a vital role in addressing these other needs that can sometimes serve as barriers to academic success. There is a high correlation between social-emotional skills and academic achievement, positive behavior, and resilience. SEL provides skills students can use in school, beyond the classroom, and even into adulthood and fosters relationships among school, family, and community. The SEL Program focuses on providing students with skills in self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationships, and social awareness.

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