Child Nutrition Program

  • The operation of the Child Nutrition Program is a cooperative effort involving the superintendent, central office staff, principals, cafeteria managers, assistant managers, employees, teachers, students, parents, and the community.  Every employee is responsible to the Federal and State government and administration on the local level.  The National School Food and Nutrition Program is to provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch to children.  The program supplies free and reduced price meals to economically deprived children.  Meals meet at least 2/3 the recommended daily dietary allowances, help develop sound food habits, and is a most extensive program in applied nutrition.  It helps build alert, healthy citizens and teaches the social graces.  

    The Child Nutrition Program is operated in accordance with the regulations of the National School Lunch Act and regulations of the Alabama State Department of Education and the Phenix City Board of Education.  The mission of the Phenix City Schools CNP is to be a part of the education process of Phenix City Schools by providing students with nutritious meals and nutrition education experiences that promote healthy children who are ready to learn.  Our Child Nutrition Program has three goals:  To provide attractive, nutritious, well-balance meals to every child and staff member in the Phenix City Public Schools, to work toward providing a nutritional analysis of each meal served, and to positively promote the CNP to school and community.  


School Lunch Prices

  • Phenix City Schools offer free breakfast to every student, grades K-12.  Lunch prices are:

    • $2.50 Elementary (K-5)
    • $2.75 Secondary (6-12)
    • $3.50 Employees
    • $4.00 Visitors

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