Technology Department

  • The primary goal of the Phenix City School Technology Department is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in all of our schools district-wide. We strive to enhance education through the integration of technology with both teacher training and curriculum development, as well as also establishing innovative, research-based instructional methods that can be widely implemented. 

    The Phenix City Schools Technology Department provides technology resources to support curriculum and instruction that promotes engaged and meaningful student learning and achievement, enhances the teaching process, and facilitates communication. Through a rich array of technology tools, students attain the knowledge they need to make learning discoveries and ultimately lead productive and responsible lives. 

    The Phenix City Schools Technology Department ensures that the technology infrastructure is maintained and upgraded. Resources are made available to facilitate, complement and enhance the teaching and learning process.  Teachers rely on technology to enrich the learning experiences of their students, and students are immersed in an environment where engagement is heightened. 


    The mission of the Phenix City Schools Technology Department to provide flexible and responsive direction for access to information systems, instructional technology, and technology services to enhance student academic achievement for all students. With a strong belief that technology enhances the scholastic practices of instruction, the district is committed to providing superior hardware, software, data, and appropriate technology skill development. 


    The vision of the Phenix City Schools Technology Department is to become a recognized model school district both in the state of Alabama and nationally for the access and utilization of innovative technology and cutting edge strategies to ensure that students are prepared to compete globally in an ever-changing society.