Master Screencasters

  • Because we believe that screen recording has tremendous potential for teaching and learning, PCS has purchased a district license for Screencastify. Anyone logged in with a account can simply install the Chrome extension and have immediate access to premium features.  Visit this page for initial setup instructions.

    PCS teachers who complete the online Master Screencaster course may obtain one hour of PD credit by following these steps:

    1. Complete the course online, including passing a 20-question quiz.
    2. Enroll in PCIT1808: Master Screencaster (Date is 10/1/18.)
    3. Forward a copy of the Screencastify email to
    4. Employees who send a selfie with certificate to will be featured on social media.


  • Ashley Allen (SES)
    JeneQua Allen (WES)
    Sarahann Arcila (SGS)
    Wanda Barefoot (LPS)
    Paisley Blevins (PCES)
    Christine Booker (LPS)
    Tabby Booth (LES)
    Garrett Burns (LPS)
    Amy Carver (SGS)
    Kristen Thomas Conway (CFA)
    Michelle Crutchfield (WES)
    Pam Culpepper (LPS)
    Tamara Doleman (MES)
    Danielle Dowdell (WES)
    Whitney Faulk (LPS)
    Kim Forlines (CFA)
    Lindsey Greer (MES)
    Deidre Hartman (SGS)
    Liz Hudson (LPS)
    Courtney Hughes (CFA)
    Lara Beth Johns (PCIS)
    Jordan Jones (LPS)
    Dr. Adam Kilcrease (PCES)
    Yentl Lee (WES)
    Melinda Marler (RES)

  • Nicole Oliver (WES)
    Amanda Owens (LES)
    Jessica Pittman (PCIS)
    Preston Pritchett (SGS)
    Charlene Rose (LPS)
    Steven Sanders (PCIS)
    Kelly Sasser (CHS)
    Valerie Borders Sherrer (CFA)
    Tanja Smith (LES)
    Amy Stamp (LES)
    Jeremy Suchman (SES)
    Rebecca Taff (LES)
    Meredith Walters (LPS)
    Crystal Ward (PCES)
    Jessica White (PCES)
    Angela Williams (LPS)
    Rosie Williams (PCES)
    Angel Wilson (PCIS)