Teach in Red Devil Nation

  • Phenix City Schools’ mission is to pursue excellence on behalf of every student in every school. With our mission in mind, we look to recruit and retain like-minded educators who are passionate, diverse, and driven. Our school system is affectionately known as Red Devil Nation from Central High School’s mascot, the Red Devil. Our school system encompasses two early learning centers, one primary school, five elementary schools, one intermediate school, one junior high school, one freshman academy, and one graduating high school. We serve more than 7,000 students and employ over 800 people. There is a place for everyone in our system. We encourage you to apply online now through Teach in Alabama.

    We understand the critical needs of our employees when stepping into a new district. Our teachers receive well-rounded support from PCS administration, colleagues, and the surrounding community. We offer new teachers a robust first-year mentoring program to all new teachers, regardless of teaching experience. We guide every teacher through the many challenges and opportunities presented throughout the school year.

    Teachers receive medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. PCS proudly pays above the state salary schedule. They are also automatically enrolled in the Retirement Systems of Alabama.

    About Phenix City Schools

    We are a 7A school district with more than 7,000 students and 800+ staff members who cultivate an exceptional learning environment. Our schools are well-known for their outstanding STEM programs and initiatives. The CTE Annex, Dyer Family STEM Center, and elementary SMART Labs create engaging learning environments where students can explore a multitude of STEM-related studies, such as robotics and engineering, computer science, welding, masonry, TV production, cosmetology, culinary arts, and more. Students discover a wide range of applied technologies in these programs that challenge students to think critically and become problem solvers for the 21st century.

    photos of multiple students engaging in STEM activites


    Congia STEM Certification

    In 2022, all 11 schools underwent Cognia’s STEM Certification. Phenix City Schools became the largest and fourth district in the nation to earn this certification. This certification demonstrates a strong and effective STEM focus on characteristics like problem-based experiential learning and integrating STEM thinking into a broad range of activities and learning opportunities.


    Purple Star Schools

    Phenix City Schools is a proud supporter of military families. All 11 of our schools earned Alabama’s Purple Star School designation due to our specialized programs to support military students and their families.

    principals from all schools stand with alabama purple star school program banner


    Living in Phenix City and Surrounding Areas

    Phenix City is a suburb of Columbus, Georgia, and centrally located near many cities across the southeast. For example, Phenix City is 45 minutes away from Auburn, Alabama; an hour and a half from Atlanta; two and a half hours from Birmingham, Alabama; and three and a half hours from Florida’s beaches. Learn more about the history and life of Phenix City on the Wiregrass Resource Conservation and Development website and Positively Phenix City’s website.

    Living in Phenix City or the surrounding areas means being part of a close-knit community. Southern hospitality is a way of life in the Chattahoochee Valley region. Our city is rich in history, culture, and heritage. Phenix City and Columbus are known for their vibrant art culture, thriving food and restaurant scenes, and quickly growing entrepreneurial opportunities. 

  • Non Discrimination Policy